Air-dried meat snacks, or ‘biltong’ as South Africans call it, is only for serious snackers.
It’s perfect for a quick nibble and offers a range of health benefits to adults, kids and your pets.

Benefits include     High protein     Low fat     Sugar free     Source of energy     Paleo-friendly     Gluten-free     Free range

Woolworths South Africa


Having gained popularity through a reputation of healthy, quality whole foods, our relationship with one of South Africa’s leading high-end retailers strengthened, resulting in Woolworths South Africa stocking a range of beef and ostrich biltong products in all stores across the country.

Collaboration with the Woolworths team ensured flavour perfection as well as dietary requirement satisfaction in the beef and ostrich air-dried, gluten-free meat snacks packaged under the private label ‘Free Range’ brand.

Woolworths Pet Treats


Man’s best friend deserves only the tastiest of treats and that’s exactly how we’ve produced a range of air-dried treats for dogs, and cats.

As a private label supplier, our handmade free range pet treats are marketed under the ‘Best Friend’ range in all Woolworths stores across South Africa and are made using offcuts from our naturally air-dried meat snacks. The range includes beef sinews, pork sausages and twisties, all prepared with special, time honoured recipes.

Our Pride & Joy


Our own label, African Pride, epitomises fun, outdoor snacking, celebrating the South African culture where carving a slice of biltong or sharing a stick of droewors is part of our identity.

It’s a feast of fun packed full of flavour with undertones of pepper and coriander, made to exacting standards and stocked in most large retailers in the country.

Tasty Air-Dried Pet Treats


The Beg & Barkers range offers all your best friend’s favourite treats, ones that are worth being good for! Building on the fun personality of the African Pride brand, Beg & Barkers launched as the Stormberg Foods range of tasty air-dried pet treats.

Made from the offcuts of our air-dried meat snacks, the Beg & Barkers range provides a variety of free range treats made in a natural way to ensure only the highest quality nibbles for your happy hound.